Memberships at Sport@Gosforth


​​​​​​​Sport@Gosforth offer very competitive prices whether you are looking for an annual or a monthly Direct Debit Membership.

Our Memberships

The membership that will represent best value will depend on your usage. ​We always have a membership advisor available to discuss your options to ensure that you are not overpaying. Our memberships are non contracted and flexible so we can reduce or increase payments at any time to save you money.


Premier Membership

Our 'Best Value' Membership for those that want results fast!

For only £29.00 per month, our Premier Membership allows full access to our Fitness Suite and our Group Exercise Programme with no contract, no joining fee and a free induction. We also offer a Free Programme to those of you that would like a little assistance in reaching your goals.


Active Membership

The membership of choice for gym lovers!

Our Active Membership allows full access to our Fitness Suite for only £22.00 per month, and has no contract, no joining fee, a free induction and a free programme.

Save Money

You can save money on our Premier and Active Membership by joining with your partner.

We also do
 offer concessions for parents of children who are part of the Federated Academy. Please call 0191 255 9054 to find out more about our family memberships, which are only £30.00.

All our memberships are no contract, however one Direct Debit must come out of your account and we require 30 days notice to cancel the payment.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions on the back of the joining form.